Planning and Research

Music Video Treatment: The Progidy: Voodoo People ( Phibes Remix).


muisc treatment drug deal

The video starts by showing the protagonist purchasing an unknown ( to the audience ) drug from a dealer at night. This segment is a setup to the main narrative therefore it is before the music starts. As the music is upbeat and fast, I am using this point in the narrative as achance to give the audience stark visual and audible contrast. The protagonist is not a drug taker, therefore the interaction that he is experiencing is unnerving to him , so to convey this feeling I am going to represent the feel in a film-noir type style. I won’t grade it in black and white however I am going to desaturate the colour and grade it a colour that isn’t stimulating in order to create a mood that is uncomfortable, even sickly. To give the audience a defined atmosphere to the scene that sets it apart from the rest of the piece, I am going to add strong sound effects, like an owl noise and wind blowing.

Next the music begins with an energetic build up so this now gives the setting for the events to unfold :  a party. The first sight that the audience receives is one that matches the music , with emphasis on a chaotic environment – almost the polar opposite of the first scene.  Continue reading Planning and Research



When I was given the “Wonderland” brief I began to develop my ideas based around the concept, it’s definitions, it’s word associations and it’s uses. I was mostly engaged with it’s literal meaning: a place in which one experiences wonder, phenomenon and spectacles.

I first thought that i could implement the meaning into a product ironically; by me making a product about a place in which one experiences the opposite of wonder. I looked to my hometown, a place in which homelessness and drug addiction is a major growing problem , so I decided to plan for a documentary based in Penzance. However,  as the brief states that the project should represent your own creativity and gallantry with media skills, I decided that making this documentary would limit me both in the quality of my product as well as the enjoyment due to the negativity of the subject matter.

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Wonderland Proposal


moodboard music vid

Dramophone directed by Frédéric de Ponchara. I love this music video becaase of it’s pace and choreography. 

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris – both husband and wife who had their feature film directorial debut with Little Miss Sunshine.

I like these music videos because of the way they have been edited and written. All content in the videos relate to the music either lyricaly or melodically, but both have been edited hand in hand with the music, being cut at changes in the song , which I find very engaging with a music video, which I will definitely incorporate into my own.

Although there is nothing wrong with the narrative and production of this video on it’s own , I don’t like the fact that it’s so slow paced and lacking of energy, attributes that of course need not be applied to all music videos however in the case of EDM/drum and bass I think this is integral due to the nature of the music.

I think I am going to use a Drum and bass track because it’s a genre that I am currently quite passionate about therefore i’ll enjoy the project. More specifically Jump-up drum and bass, which has little to no lyrics, therefore I can focus on the rhythm of scenes – visual movement in tangent with the music.

This is a test product using my initial visualizations of the music video.

To me Wonderland is a place in which one experiences awe, amazement and bewilderment – much like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I am therefore going to create a music video in which it’s character will expreience such things; marvels and spectacles in a narrative.

Wonderland Proposal Form:

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