When I was given the “Wonderland” brief I began to develop my ideas based around the concept, it’s definitions, it’s word associations and it’s uses. I was mostly engaged with it’s literal meaning: a place in which one experiences wonder, phenomenon and spectacles.

I first thought that i could implement the meaning into a product ironically; by me making a product about a place in which one experiences the opposite of wonder. I looked to my hometown, a place in which homelessness and drug addiction is a major growing problem , so I decided to plan for a documentary based in Penzance. However,  as the brief states that the project should represent your own creativity and gallantry with media skills, I decided that making this documentary would limit me both in the quality of my product as well as the enjoyment due to the negativity of the subject matter.

Entertaining excites me more than informing and as I’m passionate about  Drum and Bass music, I changed to a music video for the final major project. I went back to the original meanings that I drew from the word Wonderland and implemented this into all aspects of the aesthetic, narrative and design of the music video, as the idea that wonderland is a place in which one experiences awe and wonder I wanted to carry through to the audience. Therefore I made it my aim to make the music video as visual stimulating as I could so top satisfy my own ideology for the project. Creating a music video for dance music also requires that the visuals match the music and the fact that I specifically chose Jump-up drum and Bass meant that the visual element was integral.

I drew parallels with my narrative to that of Alice in Wonderland in the sense that she goes to a place and has an experience. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has always had associations with psychedelic drugs so I used this idea as a tool to carry the narrative. I didn’t want drugs to be the focus to the video so I made sure that the drug was fictional and didn’t look anything like a drug that exists. Using the rose bud as a prop was a good way to sort this problem.

I am disappointed with the focus that I unintentionally brought towards the hedonistic activities that one would experience and see at a party of youths. I was more interested in what my protagonist experiences and how that would translate to an audience. The problem was that in order to create party sees you need actors in a party setting enjoying themselves and socialising. I wasn’t able to find a range of actors that could do this so I has to have a gathering at my house and invite a load of my friends over for a drink. This meant that although the footage that I captured was very natural in terms of each character’s performance it did mean that it was hard to set up each shot how I storyboarded it; resulting in a montage looking music video. The uv painted dancer material is what i believe to be the most professional looking part. I think that my work drops in quality where the narrative has been filmed. Because the shots weren’t how I planned I had to resort to over editing at certain points in order to make it more visually pleasing and for it to match the music better.

I think that the colour that I implemented into the video was correct for the style and genre, so I’m pleased with this aspect. In future I need to shoot the main sequences earlier so that I can leave time for re-shoots. I’m also going to learn to use Adobe After effects so that I can amp up the visual trill even more, so that I’m not just tied down to practical effects like the contact lenses used for b-roll. I wanted my protagonist to open his eyes to reveal that he has changed , with the eyes to show this. My actor reacted badly to the ones and was not able to wear them , so I put them on my own eyes instead so I could use the image anyway. Again , this meant that I had to use tactful yet slightly jarring editing in order to for me to use it in the video.



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