2.5D Ident – Evaluation

The 2.5D ident was created using my photographic content. I used the female model from the poster and brochure, as her attire and face paint conveyed the right message , that simply, she is attending a rave. The idea for my ident is that these ravers are lining up outside a club, waiting to go […]

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Poster and Brochure Evaluation

The photographs that I used for my printed material was very effective. The photographs were take in the style of “Humans of New York” and display good focus to the subject through a shallow depth of field. This brings character to the subjects which i think is very effective in the representation “ravers”. When displaying […]

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Graphic Designers: Style References

David Carson David Carson is an American graphic designer known for his use of experimental typography and his work as Art director for Ray Gun¬†magazine. Stefan Sagmeister Studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian typographer and graphic designer, who co-founded Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. in New York, […]

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