2.5D Ident – Evaluation

The 2.5D ident was created using my photographic content. I used the female model from the poster and brochure, as her attire and face paint conveyed the right message , that simply, she is attending a rave.

The idea for my ident is that these ravers are lining up outside a club, waiting to go in.

To create depth, I took an image of a man wearing a suit in rear view from Google images, to give the impression that there are many people, and that it is a crowded location. I would have liked mohave used my own photograph for this element, but due to timing i was unable to do so. As well as this , I animated smoke coming from his mouth which adds to the atmosphere of the setting.

To make the setting look like its outside a club, I created a club sign and named it “wonk” I did this to reference the a type of drum and bass that is often referred to as such due to it’s warped sounds.

What i enjoyed most about creating the indent was the soundtrack. I felt  that this is where the ident shows it’s strength. As I set the ident outside a club, this meant i could create the right ambience through drum and bass music. To make the sound seem like it’s coming from inside , I added EQ effect to the song  which allowed me to bring down the treble and mid to give the bass the dominant sound – this made the song seem muffled.

From SoundSnap, I took an audio track of a drunken party scene , which fit yet were american voices. Therefore i only used a small portion of this and gave predominance to audio of British football fans.

In general i believe that the ident could have been more effective if i used photographs taken from inside a club or rave.




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