After receiving the brief I started by looking at the meanings of Flight, which brought to ideas of a science-fiction short film in which the protagonist creates technology enabling him to fly. I enjoyed the idea however I felt that it would fall short on the visual effects, the production value would look undoubtedly low. […]

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Week One: I have received the brief for the final major project: ‘Flight’. I have annotated points of interest and have identified the parameters.This includes attention to ensure that I create something that is within my budget, timeframe and my skills. Despite this, I’m still aiming to push my ability and the boundaries. Having now┬áresearched┬áinto […]

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Visuals for dance music could be catergorised through Kaplan’s genre theory, specifcally the ‘art music video’. ‘The art video claims legitimacy by appealing to notions of art and aesthetics’… ‘in this catergory the video itself operates as a site of creative expression which variously works as an aesthetic complement to the song or vies with […]

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