Poster and Brochure Evaluation

The photographs that I used for my printed material was very effective. The photographs were take in the style of “Humans of New York” and display good focus to the subject through a shallow depth of field. This brings character to the subjects which i think is very effective in the representation “ravers”. When displaying the information on the posters i wanted to keep the effect that he focus on the subject gives, therefore i displayed my information in the corners of the posters, which filled negative space whilst also drawing the viewers eye across the entirety of the poster. The font i used was a sans serif, in block capitals . The font relates to my subject area in the sense that rave is “in your face”, punchy. I decided to keep the titles in capitals to convey importance in relation to rave as a subject and the documentary as a whole.

The title “rave” needed more attention so i gave it an outer glow on photoshop to give the impression  that it is producing light. The posters keep all these design themes , so i am effectively keeping to my house style.

The fourth poster differs to the others in terms of the photographic content. This is because this is an image from a rave, however due to technical problems I was only able to extract a single frame from a video that i captured. This meant that the quality wasn’t to the standard I had set myself.  Although I did add more to the poster through a technique called “colour removal” , or colour splash” , whereby you mask a portion of the image you desire in photoshop and keep its colour value, whilst grey-scaling the rest of the image. This was good as it brought attention to the lasers that you can see on the poster, which strengthens the importance that light is in rave culture.

When creating the posters in future i would look to taking the photographs with the models in more suited settings. Rather than keeping the ravers separate from the raves – so to speak.

The brochure kept to a similar style that i gave to the posters, with the fonts and the pavement of such information , as well as the photographs i used. The font page is effective as it shows strong expression , whilst it slightly blurred which gives a sense of movement that you would look for with the subject of rave. The photograph that i used also had pink lighting, which is exactly what was looking for when documenting my ritual, as i decided that the light is an important aspect. Therefore to continue with the light theme, I filled the title with an image of a laser light show from Google that shared similar colours to the image.  With the rituals title, I wanted it to stand out considerably , therefore I vignetted the photograph so that that the white would contrast to the black, making it stand out. I also decided to vignette the front page in order to focus in on the expression.

On the double page spread , I presented my photographs with the shapes of rave lights in mind, therefore I made the group photo triangular.  For this brochure I decided that colour was an important aspect, so in keeping with yellow lights from the photograph on the first page i added a yellow dotted to line to connect the content across the whole page.

I like the way i have presented the information and the photographs i the brochure, as do my peers. However I have been told that there should be more information and photographs displayed, which i agree with strongly. To rectify this i would need more photo shoots. The lack of photographs and variation of content within the photographs has been a problem throughout the project.





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