Fabric Exhibition Poster

As part of unit 11 all media students have been asked to create a poster advertising an exhibition for the work and products that have have been done and created over the course of the first year. The exhibition is to further introduce us to the reality of media as a profession, therefore an event in which our work is shown in a public media for any who choose to attend.

I think this is an important process as the work we create is at it’s core meant to inspire and entertain audiences – so far the creation process has been at the forefront of the course.

I have created the poster using a screenshot from the music video I created for the Wonderland project. I chose this because it’s the piece of work that I prefer over the other work I’ve produced over the year but it’s mostly because I believe it’s the strongest image that I have to work with.

In terms of the placement of the information and lettering, I took inspiration from film posters.


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