Unit 7: Evaluation.

With the start of unit 7, I was required to research the form of media that is interactive media; more specifically interactive film. We did this in order to inform our own film making. I felt that I now understand well the pros and cons of interactive film, its uses and its technicalities. When planning my film, the research and the brief led me to base my interactive film in a dystopian future with a lack of technology and a display of the aftermath of a revolution. The stimulus from the brief was a “digital revolution”. This meant the research of the digital revolution of the 20th and 21st century. However I steered away from this idea as I watched episodes of Black Mirror, which all discuss meanings and ideas behind the digital revolution of today. Instead my link to the idea of a digital revolution was the idea of a physical overthrow of government and the status quo, a socio-political revolution in which there is a sudden loss in technology and the digital world rather than a sudden rise in such. This is what gave me the setting for my interactive film.

In hind sight I think that I was a little too optimistic in my idea, as it begs a technical ability of film making that I do not currently possess, in terms of cinematography and the planning required. I wanted a believable storyline with believable characters, an attribute to films that I have not seen achieved with the form of interactive film. The plot that I conceived was too extensive, meaning I was unable to focus on the interactivity of the film and getting the perfect shots and instead concentrated on the style and longevity of the film. In future I definitely need to work more closely to the brief and strive to not get carried away with  my ideas.

However I still satisfied the brief in terms of the options screens. Originally I had four different option screens: “Take the Knife or Leave the Knife”, “Steal the bag or Leave the Bag”, “Right or Left” and finally “Trade the iPod or Keep the stash”. I only included “Steal the Bag or Leave the Bag”, this is due to the fact that I was a unable to finish every scene and section and was left with only the forest sequence.

Me and Harvey had planned the film thoroughly, from the script to storyboard and the step outline. Where we went wrong was in the preparation of scheduling and organisation with actors. As I offered to act as the one of the main roles, I was of course available one hundred per cent of the time. However the other actor , Darcy Rowe had the timing of the film shoots clash with his mock exams and exam revision , therefore he was unable to prioritise the film. When hiring actors in the future I may have to give incentive, through payment or otherwise and I should look to creating a concrete schedule, rather than checking their availability week by week.

Unit 5: Evaluation

With the planning of the audio segment of my interactive film I was first looking at creating a strong style that would characterise the film. When I listened to the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela I instantly pictured the action scenes in the woods. The acoustic Spanish guitar is raw and fast paced, which is very well suited to the content.It adds humour to the scene as well due to the juxtaposition between the scenario the audience is seeing combined with the happy and upbeat music they are hearing.

The other diegetic sound is the song played during then intro: The hardest button to button by The White Stripes. This song I chose due to The White Stripes’ strong connotations with alternate thinking in their lyrical metaphors and their punk-rock style. Songs like this and “Seven Nation Army” are hard and ominous because of their distinct drum beats and their distinct blues guitar sound. This is why I chose the song to set the scene. A revolution. Their songs have longs build-ups in a crescendo manner – so I looked to carry this aspect through with the imagery seen in the intro.

In terms of non-diegetic sound I had planned to include much richer range of sound with more layers. In the end I had little to non due to the little amount of content that I ended up filming. Originally the two protagonists would find themselves in a town that is in complete disarray, therefore I had planned for this is to be evident in the soundtrack. Far off voices, shooting of guns, violent shouting, car alarms going off and glass breaking. If I had gotten round to using this in the film I feel that it would have made the setting and backstory much more convincing , giving a definite sense of realism –  one of the main attributes that I envisioned for the film.


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