Revolution – Step Outline.


News montage        (sets the scene)


Step 1

Lee is in his caravan making tinned food for his younger brother, he notices that there is a lack of food, lee goes to speak to Hendrix and finds him selling some of his homemade moonshine to a small group of people.


Step 2

lee and Hendrix voice each others concerns about the lack of food. They question someone in charge at the camp about what is going on. They are told that it is none of their business.


Step 3

They decide to take matters I into their own hands


Step 4

Hendrix is shown taking a cricket bat and a bag of supplies for a journey. Lee is shown considering whether to take the knife or not (option) and lee also takes supplies.


Step 5

Lee and Hendrix leave camp early in the morning.


Step 6

Lee and Hendrix are debating each others views – the lack of technology as they stroll through the forest.


Step 7

They come across a fire pit in a clearing with a bag next to it. The bags owner is taking a piss 10 meters away


Step 8

Lee runs and grabs the bag but is spotted. The guy grabs him but Hendrix gets out the cricket bat and warns him off


Alternative step 8

They walk past the guy and ask for no trouble but the guy gets defensive and pulls out a knife. Lee and Hendrix run off.


Step 9

Lee and Hendrix emerge from the forest and head in to town.

Hendrix mentions his interests to barter moonshine.


Step 10

Taking cover in an alley, they debate whether to go to an abandoned hospital or down town to find a source of food.


Step 11

They break into the hospital; they find a supply of insulin. Its owner appears and attacks them, if lee took the knife he stabs him and they leave. If he doesn’t then they fight for a while. And make it out. Hendrix also finds surgical spirits.


Alternative step 11

In an abandoned building lee and Hendrix search around. They find a supply of food as well as the owner, a fight takes place, (if lee took the knife he uses it if not then he gets beaten up. Meaning they leave with all the supplies or not as many.


Step 12

Hendrix and lee make their way to the dealership. They cross a field and are almost there. When suddenly the bloke they encountered in the woods appears with a gang. Hendrix goads them in to a chase.




Step 13

They make their way to the dealership. Once inside Hendrix trades moonshine for food, cigarettes. The dealer spots the insulin and offers a working ipod/ iphone. (option)


Step 14

They make for the camp through cover of darkness. Their hiding in trees hearing voices of the gang on their back. Cut to black


Step 15

They stroll back into camp the two boys are shaken by the days events


Step 16 gets to his caravan. He gives his brother the food. Hendrix is smoking, looking at his ‘stock’.








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