Mise en Scene – Setting and Props

This scene from Peaky Blinders season 3 , episode 1 is set during a wedding celebration. The main character Tommy Shelby is now marginally richer, which is conveyed through the extensive amount of props used. Specifically food and drink, as this is a wedding, but also the fact that the characters can now afford an abundance of food and drink. For example a waiter is carrying a bottle of champagne , which would highlight the money involved and also the fact that it’s a celebration. To add to this, other characters are carrying other drinks, highlighting a variety available, which again communicates the expense of the wedding.  Many characters are shown smoking cigarettes. This is authentic to the 1920s, in which everyone smoked. This is also signature to the TV show, as the characters are often smoking. The characters are also dressed formally for the occasion and are wearing rosettes , which communicates the fact that they are at a wedding.

It’s set in the kitchen of Tommy’s manor for a reason ; the cavalry regiment, which are attending the wedding as relatives of Tommy’s wife have a rivalry with Tommy’s family and friends. In this scene he is addressing the provocation that they give to the Peaky Blinders, which means they would need to be in an area where only they would be allowed. It also means that the audience can see the preparation that is going on for the wedding through the various maids , waiters and chefs that are present, which gives the feeling that the setting is quite chaotic.


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