Low-Key Lighting

This type of lighting causes your subject to be more defined in some areas and shadowed in others. This is the same affect you would achieve if shooting with sunny conditions. It’s the opposite of diffused light, the light is directed instead of being spread across your subject.


When shooting with low-key lighting in a studio, you can use a ‘snoot’, which directs the light in a beam, giving harsh contrasts to the subject by highlighting different contours.

The red lit photograph is achieved through colour gels, which are put in front of the lightbox. Red lighting can create a sinister feeling, or a sense of anger  or danger.

Would I use these types of lighting in my film? Yes I would, as a majority of my scenes are set in the forest, shooting on a sunny day would add depth to my scenes through the shadows that would be created. Using coloured light may well feature in any photo shoots for the film to create particular moods. However in terms of filming, I’m looking to use natural lighting to achieve a sense of realism.


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