Soft/Diffused Light

Soft or diffused light is when the source of light isn’t as hard, it’s like the light is being spread rather than directed. This creates better all round lighting conditions, there are much less shadows to a subject, giving even lighting. You can create this effect in a studio by using  a softbox, or using natural lighting which would be cloudy conditions.

To create full, even lighting on a subject without shadows, you can you use a reflector.

When setting up a flash , you must ensure that the flash speed is in sync with the camera shutter speed. You set this to 125th of a second using a light reader connected to the flash head. You also sync the aperture value on both the camera and the flash head but this is dependent on the type of photo that is being taken.





Studio portraiture showcasing diffused light.

Left shows the photo taken using a reflector, giving even light across the subject’s face.

Right portrait you can see that no reflector has been used, which creates more shadow, creating a less flattering photograph.




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