Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.42.43.pngThe rectangle frame tool allows content to be inserted and displayed only within the boundaries of said rectangle.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.42.50.pngHere we can see that columns are being used , three on each page. Having columns allows for subject matter like paragraphs or photos to be lined up with the rest of the content, achieving visual order.


The stroke is the border round an object in indesign, here we can see the stroke that i have increased around the photograph on the double page, i did this to bring attention to the image whilst also keeping it in the style of the brochure. I’ve also made a marquee into a triangular shape, I did this by making a direct selection which allowed me to change the shape. I chose a triangle for its irregularity in connection to normal presentation of photographs, but also due to the fact that i could use a large photograph that can stretch across the double page.


To bring attention to the title “rituals”on the front page I used the rectangle tool, which allowed me to create the two thin  rectangles that I then coloured white using the “strokes” tool.

I used a vignetting technique on these two photos that I used for my brochure. I did this in order to draw attention to the expressions of both subjects. I used the gradient tool on photoshop to create the black to transparent. On the second photograph I also adjusted the hue to match the pink lighting on the front page photograph.


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